Peer-reviewed Publications 

* indicates student project

+ indicates co-first authorship

17. Reimink, J.R., Davies, J.H.F.L., Ielpi, A., Global zircon analysis records a gradual rise of continental crust throughout the Neoarchean, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2020 pre-print


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4. Reimink, J.R., Chacko, T., Stern, R.A., Heaman, L.M. The birth of a cratonic nucleus: lithogeochemical evolution of the 4.02–2.94 Ga Acasta Gneiss Complex.  Precambrian Research 281 (2016) 453-472 PDF

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1. Hansen, E., Reimink, J.R., Harlov, D. Titaniferous accessory minerals in very low-grade metamorphic rocks, Keweenaw Peninsula Michigan, USA. Lithos 116 (2010) 167-174. PDF doi:10.1016/j.lithos.2010.02.001

In Preparation 

Reimink, J.R., Carlson, R.W., Mock, T. A cavity ion source for high-precision isotope-ratio analyses in the geosciences.  Submitted to the Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry

*Bilak, G.S., Niemetz, K., Reyes, A.V., Reimink, J.R., Chacko, T., Dufrane, S.A., Belosevic, M., Ketchum, J.W.F., Prospecting for ancient crustal relics in the Acasta Gneiss Complex using detrital zircons in Pleistocene eskers, in review

*Bilak, G.S., Reyes, A.V., Reimink J.R., Chacko T., Dufrane, S.A. Belosevic, M., Niemetz, K. Bedrock exploration and reconnaissance using detrital zircon recovered from esker systems in the Acasta Gneiss Complex, for submission to Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences

Cessna floatplane parked on the oldest known zircon-bearing rock in the world.  This plane was used to take samples of an esker system that crosses major age and isotopic boundaries, with the goal of tracing ancient crust using detrital minerals caught in glacial sediments; project in collaboration with Alberto Reyes from the University of Alberta. 

Recent Conference Abstracts

  • Reimink, JR; Carlson, RW; Mock, T; Recent advances in cavity-thermal ionization mass spectrometry for high-precision isotope analysis, Oral Presentation AGU Fall Meeting, 2019 (Invited)

  • Bauer, AM; Reimink, JR; Chacko, T; Foley, BJ; Shirey, SB; Pearson, DG; Zircon Hf isotope evidence for a global transition between stagnant- and mobile-lid tectonics, AGU Fall Meeting, 2019

  • Carlson, RW; Reimink, JR; Shirey, SB; Pearson, DG; Ketchum, JFW; The Transition from Hadean Crustal Working to Archean Craton Growth: The Example from the Slave Craton, Oral Presentation, Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, 2019 (Invited)

  • Reimink, JR; Pearson, DG; Shirey, SB; Carlson, RW; A Mundl-Petermeier; RJ Walker Extinct radionuclide signatures from juvenile crustal blocks within the Slave craton, Goldschmidt Conference, 2019, Oral Presentation

  • Reimink, JR; Carlson, RW; Mock, T; McBay, EH; Hexel, CR. Pushing beyond the current limits on Nd-isotope ratio measurement precision, AGU Fall Meeting, 2018, Oral Presentation

  • Carlson, RW; Reimink, JR; Shirey, SB; Pearson, DG; Mundl A; Walker, RJ; Ketchum, JWF. The Transition from Reworking of Hadean Crust to Generation of New Archean Crust: The Slave craton Perspective, AGU Fall Meeting 2018, Poster Presentation

  • Bauer, A; Reimink, JR; Chacko, T; Transition from shallow- to deep-seated melting and inception of mobile lid tectonics at ~3.6 Ga in the Acasta Gneiss Complex, AGU Fall Meeting 2018, Oral Presentation (Invited)

  • Reimink, JR; Carlson, RW; Shirey, SB; Pearson, DG; Ketchum, JWF. The Diverse Origins of Cratonic Nuclei—A Perspective from the Slave Craton, Goldschmidt Conference 2018, Oral Presentation

  • Davies, JHFL; Reimink, JR; What can we learn from old detrital zircon? A comparison between zircon from Acasta and Jack Hills. Goldschmidt Conference 2018, Poster Presentation

  • Mundl, A.; Walker, RJ; Reimink, JR; Rudnick, RL; Gaschnig, RM. Compositional changes in the UCC through time revealed by tungsten isotopes, AGU Fall Meeting, 2017, Invited Oral Presentation

  • Reimink, JR; Carlson, RW; Shirey, SB; Pearson, DG; Kamber, BS.  On the origin of cratonic ‘high-mu’ isotopic signatures, AGU Fall Meeting, 2017, Poster Presentation

  • Davies, JHFL; Sheldrake, T; Reimink JR; Moeck, C; Finlay, A. Isochrons revisted: a new approach to dealing with excess scatter, Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, 2017

  • Reimink, JR; Carlson, RW; Shirey, SB; Pearson, DG.  Crustal Evolution of the Archean Slave Craton, NWT, Canada, Goldschmidt Conference 2017, Oral Presentation

  • Reimink, JR; Chacko, T; Davies, JHFL; Pearson, DG; Stern, RA; Heaman, LM; Carlson, RW;  Shirey, SB.  The birth of a cratonic core recorded by changes in petrological processes within the Hadean-Eoarchean Acasta Gneiss Complex, Oral Presentation AGU Fall Meeting 2016 (Invited)

  • Reimink, JR; Chacko, T; Davies, JHFL; Pearson, DG; Stern, RA; Heaman, LM; Carlson, RW;  Shirey, SB.  Petrogenesis of the 4.02 Ga Idiwhaa tonalitic gneiss and implications for crust formation on the early Earth, Goldschmidt Conference 2016, Oral Presentation

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